Rick’s Pacemakers

Rick Yaschuk's Team is set to pace this 2017 "Walk with Us" Fundraiser and Awareness Campaign for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society this September 24th at the CMU Campus grounds!
50% Funded
  • $250.00 Donated
  • $500.00 Goal
  • 3 Donors

About the Campaign

Rick is a 24 year old man who has Down syndrome. The worst thing about his having DS is he lives with a sick heart. The best thing about his having Down syndrome is he makes a friend with everyone he encounters and teaches every one of us that things are nothing and relationships are everything! His genuine personality is like a magnet and he attracts the love and respect of everyone he meets. (FYI ~ keep the “real” magnets away as they will definitely affect his “real” pacemaker!)

Rick and his Mom, Carol, have been involved with MDSS for 24 years. It has come a long ways since 6 parents sat about a living room trying to figure out what they could do. So many dedicated people have worked so very hard, for so many years, to bring about all of the following mission:

  1. Be a support for parents, caregivers and families of individuals with Down syndrome.
  2. Provide an opportunity for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in the direction of the MDSS.
  3. Maintain a communications network from which members can access current, comprehensive information about Down syndrome.
  4. Develop support services and projects which benefit individuals with Down syndrome.
  5. Provide forums for the exchange of information and ideas between parents and professionals.
  6. Enhance public awareness and understanding of Down syndrome.

The Walk will be a blast as always is! Please join Rick’s Pacemakers and support MDSS in any way you can!



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