Kman & the K Squad!

Kanan is 3 years old and started to walk just after his 3rd bday, we are looking forward to getting team of supporters to the event to support him n his peers strut it out for a great cause! Come join us or support us!

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About the Campaign

Kanan is the oldest brother of 3, he loves his sister Kallie and baby brother Knox with a passion. He is a hug machine and the world’s pickiest eater. He’s full of love and can’t get enough baby shark and playing with his cars or reading his books. He makes his mom n dad laugh and smile on the regular and is a big part of his immediate and extended family. He started nursery school last year and will be back again this year to meet new friends and learn like a champ. He joined the movement center in February of 2022 and was walking within a month with his worker Chris who was awesome and brought our boy to an entire new level. His favorite summer activity has been walking outside, which usually results in him taking off in the opposite direction down the street.

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