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The Jones’ are walking to raise money for Manitoba Down’s syndrome society and raise awareness for Down’s syndrome.

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About the Campaign

We are walking to raise money for the Manitoba Down’s syndrome society and Down Syndrome awareness as a whole. Prior to the birth of our wonderful daughter Josie we knew very little about Down’s syndrome. The unknown is always accompanied with an element of fear so with a slow postpartum diagnosis we were extremely grateful to be gifted a ‘congratulations on the birth of your baby’ pack from CDSS and MDSS. Since reading others stories we have realized that far to often people are presented with outdated negative information with a DS diagnosis, holding our baby girl in our arms the diagnosis however it was delivered could not have change our love for Josie but to receive such a pack from the get go that was not only informative about DS but positive we were extremely lucky and it certainly helped us keep positive with all that was to come. Josie was quick to show us we had simply nothing to fear, not only is she brave, bold and beautiful every day she enriches our lives and the lives of every person she meets. We have no doubt that she will continue to grow and smash through the limitations of prehistoric misconceptions but the world can be a cruel place and although we would not change our Josie for the world, we would change the world for our Josie therefore we will do everything we can big or small to raise awareness, kill the stigma and teach the truth of DS in hope to reach equality and  a better and kinder future for Josie and for all in the DS community. MDSS plays such an important part in raising awareness and providing much needed support and guidance so please donate any amount great or small will make a difference. Thank you!

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