1. Some of us are short, and some of us are snappy, but we are all cruisers and we are all on Courtney’s team.

    • 127.00% Funded
    • $635.00 Pledged
  2. Manitoba Down Syndrome society helps so many great programs for people and their families with Down syndrome. Consider donating if you can.

    • 204.00% Funded
    • $2,040.00 Pledged
  3. Sweet, Sassy, Brilliant, Adorable, Loveable Little 6 Year Old Girl

  4. You all know Chloe. She can not join the walk with us this year. Hopefully she is going for her last surgery just before the walk and will be at home recovering on walk day. We do however have a new little one that has joined our family and also the MDSS family as well. He is the same age as Chloe and also has down syndrome. He will be at the walk for everyone to meet on the 24th! Help us to help the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society raise money for all the good work they do for our community.

    • 116.00% Funded
    • $1,160.00 Pledged
  5. Help us raise funds to offer programming and resources for the Down syndrome community in Manitoba.

    • 170.00% Funded
    • $850.00 Pledged
  6. We’re walking again this year to fundraise for the wonderful organization that is MDSS

    • 32.50% Funded
    • $325.00 Pledged
  7. The MDSS has been so amazing and helpful in so many ways. Please come join us on this beautiful walk with our great community and or donate to this amazing cause.

    • 120.33% Funded
    • $1,805.00 Pledged
  8. Ellie and her pit crew are back for another year of the Walk With Us, to raise money, awareness and spirits.

    • 137.50% Funded
    • $550.00 Pledged
  9. A fun walk to raise money for MDSS.

    • 113.00% Funded
    • $1,130.00 Pledged
  10. Join in and help us raise money for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society.

    • 125.00% Funded
    • $1,250.00 Pledged
  11. Come out and enjoy a beautiful scenery walk in support of Jezzirae and her friends in the walkwithus

  12. Walking to support the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society.

    • 141.06% Funded
    • $11,285.00 Pledged
  13. Please come out to walk with us and/or support us in donating to the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!

  14. We walk for Benedict Francis our beautiful little boy with down syndrome who is now two and a half years old. He is full of smiles and lots giggles and monster sounds and he loves the Star Wars! so we are walking with him hoping to get some money for MDDS so him and others get the resources they need to thrive and success in life.

    • 253.50% Funded
    • $507.00 Pledged
  15. Please join us September 24 @ 12pm

    • 173.50% Funded
    • $1,735.00 Pledged
  16. Unsuccessful

    Lalisee is a sweet and loving 6 year old . Looking forward to making friendships to last a lifetime ????????????

    Join us on the Down Syndrome walk

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    • Campaign has ended
  17. Autumn’s Allies are the family, friends, and friends of friends who are here to support Autumn and our community with the MDSS.

    • 142.00% Funded
    • $1,420.00 Pledged
  18. No limits for Jovie-Skye!

    • 21.60% Funded
    • $108.00 Pledged
  19. Walk With US 2023!

    Put on your MDSS socks and or your blue and orange gear, join Team TN’T to make 2023 the best year!

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    • $3,240.00 Pledged
  20. We are hoping to be more engaged in the wonderful down syndrome community!

    • 320.00% Funded
    • $1,600.00 Pledged
  21. Raising money for a great cause!

    • 88.01% Funded
    • $880.09 Pledged
  22. We are walking as a Special Olympics group to raise money for our fellow athletes and for this amazing

    • 163.50% Funded
    • $1,635.00 Pledged
  23. 2023 will be the best! Get your comfy shoes on and join Team Ana’s Bananas..walking in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!!

    • 244.50% Funded
    • $2,445.00 Pledged
  24. We are walking for our daughter Kara. We are raising awareness for anyone with T21 and hopefully raising some money for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society.

    • 56.83% Funded
    • $1,705.00 Pledged