Walk With Us on September 23, 2018

in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society

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  • $74,456.84 Pledged
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Come join Emalyn and our family for the fun filled MDSS Walk With Us! We look forward to having you there ♥
  • 455.55% Funded
  • $4,555.50 Pledged
Team baby Mac started in 2017 when Kara was still in utero. Kara has changed our world for the better and we are so lucky to have her. We will walk to raise money for the society that helped us and Kara so much in our first year. We are still learning about Kara's special chromosome and are enjoying our journey. Every little bit helps the MDSS.
  • 84.20% Funded
  • $4,210.00 Pledged
Ivy is our super fiesty 3 month old blessing! We found out Ivy would be extra special before her debut earth side and thought we knew what to expect! Little did we know how much she would be our teacher instead!
  • 181.70% Funded
  • $3,634.00 Pledged
Walking to support our son Sebastien and all people living with Down syndrome rocking that extra chromosome!!
  • 298.50% Funded
  • $2,985.00 Pledged
Tie up your laces and get ready to rock with Team TN'T (Taylor N' Team) for our annual Manitoba Down Syndrome Society (MDSS) Walk With Us Event!! Please help us reach our goal and come out for the event to " Walk With US"!! We have so much fun every year and it's a fun way to spend a fall day all while raising money for the MDSS and awareness surrounding Down Syndrome! Love and hugs to all that take part this year but also for those who have contributed in their own way in previous years!!!
  • 73.51% Funded
  • $2,940.25 Pledged
Join us as we Walk for Autumn and the MDSS once again! Autumn's Allies is entering our 5th year in the walk and we hope that our friends and family will join us in supporting the MDSS to continue to fulfil it's mission.
  • 188.67% Funded
  • $2,830.00 Pledged
Hailey is walking again this year and she would love your support!
  • 171.00% Funded
  • $2,565.00 Pledged
Join the Entourage! Support MDSS and help us celebrate Evynne's first birthday!
  • 242.00% Funded
  • $2,420.00 Pledged
Please join Team Rosie for the annual walk for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society! ❤️
  • 413.00% Funded
  • $2,065.00 Pledged
Bensons Brigade
  • 136.33% Funded
  • $2,045.00 Pledged
Our 8 month old 'Superstar' will be taking part in her first Walk With Us!
Come join us in the MDSS annual walk to support my brother Jesse Pfeifer. We have been doing this since the buddy walk started and continue to celebrate this day year after year with our family and friends.
  • 172.00% Funded
  • $1,720.00 Pledged
Rain or shine! Come walk with team Ana's Bananas in support of MDSS :)
  • 68.40% Funded
  • $1,710.00 Pledged
Come join us Sept 23rd and walk with Aubrey!!
  • 328.60% Funded
  • $1,643.00 Pledged
Don't Stop Believin'
  • 400.00% Funded
  • $1,600.00 Pledged
Cooper is our hero! He is the light of our lives and brings so much joy to all he meets. Help us raise awareness and money to bring about a positive change & more light into this world.
  • 152.50% Funded
  • $1,525.00 Pledged
Please join Logan and our team while we walk on September 23rd to support and raise money for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society.
Team Little G! Walk with me Sunday Sept 23. Join our team!
  • 62.00% Funded
  • $1,240.00 Pledged
This will be our first year participating in the "Walk with Us " event for MDSS.
  • 123.50% Funded
  • $1,235.00 Pledged
Team Jaxon is gearing up for their 5th walk!
  • 40.00% Funded
  • $1,200.00 Pledged
Down Right Fabulous!
  • 229.00% Funded
  • $1,145.00 Pledged
This is the first year for Team Daaniyal and we are joining the party a little late. We are walking to raise awareness about Down Syndrome as well as to raise whatever little funds we can to support Manitoba Down Syndrome Society (MDSS).
  • 228.00% Funded
  • $1,140.00 Pledged
Please join Team Reya Sunshine ☀️ for the upcoming annual walk for The Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!
Come Walk With Us
  • 216.22% Funded
  • $1,081.09 Pledged
Caybree and crew are looking forward to another fun day at the MDSS “Walk with Me”.
Music Makes Me Happy - Rock on over to the MDSS Walk
  • 100.00% Funded
  • $1,000.00 Pledged
My favourite Fred Penner song is Happy Feet so let’s get our feet happy and walk for MDSS! Come out for great food, fellowship and fun!
  • 195.00% Funded
  • $975.00 Pledged
Come join us on September 23 as we walk with Felix to support the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society.
  • 96.00% Funded
  • $960.00 Pledged
Zoe's friends and family
We are walking on september 23. Are you?
  • 330.00% Funded
  • $660.00 Pledged
Come and join us or donate to “ Jackson’s beats” and help us meet our goal
  • 140.00% Funded
  • $560.00 Pledged
Team JEZZIRAE'S DESIGNER GENE'S will be walking for our first time, this year on September 23rd for the annual Manitoba Down Syndrome Society walk. Everyone is welcome to come out and join us or if you can’t make it and would like to make a donation that would also be much appreciated😃 We're walking for MISS JEZZIRAE and the many new friends we've made in our journey❤️. If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her…it’s your perfect opportunity😁 We're walking for awareness, to raise money for programs, activities and educational opportunities. We would love to see you!
  • 11.20% Funded
  • $560.00 Pledged
My team, Stacey’s Social Butterflies, accurately describes my need to be around people – my friends… and all those potential friends I haven’t met yet! All are welcome to join my team as we walk to support the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society, Sunday, September 23 at CMU North Campus.
  • 91.00% Funded
  • $455.00 Pledged
Please come join Team Lalisee as we'll be walking for the first time, this year for the annual walk for Down Syndrome Society.
  • 120.00% Funded
  • $360.00 Pledged
Fight, and rise above!
Raising money and awareness for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society so that they can continue to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families and support networks.
  • 116.67% Funded
  • $350.00 Pledged
Landyn's Clan 😍
Please join us in walking with our beautiful Aurora in our annual fundraising event and supporting her and others with Down syndrome who we love as well!
  • 24.50% Funded
  • $245.00 Pledged
Calling all of Hailey’s angels. Come walk with Hailey and continue to help her soar.
Supporting an organization that has supported us on our Down syndrome journey...Help us to help MDSS with making great things happen!
  • 14.20% Funded
  • $142.00 Pledged