Walk With Us on September 25, 2022

in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society

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  1. Evynne is Walking!!! Help us support the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society

    • 130.75% Funded
    • $7,845.00 Pledged
  2. Please Walk With Us to raise money for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!

    • 709.00% Funded
    • $7,090.00 Pledged
  3. Go Chloe, and everyone else! Let’s make this the best walk ever!!!

  4. Come walk with Us September 25th!

    • 228.00% Funded
    • $4,560.00 Pledged
  5. Kanan is 3 years old and started to walk just after his 3rd bday, we are looking forward to getting team of supporters to the event to support him n his peers strut it out for a great cause! Come join us or support us!

  6. Unsuccessful
    • 16.30% Funded
    • $8,150.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended
  7. Please consider donating and everyone is welcome to walk with us to promote Down syndrome on September 25th!

    • 282.00% Funded
    • $2,820.00 Pledged
  8. Come join us for the fun filled Walk With Us in support of MDSS!

    • 270.00% Funded
    • $2,700.00 Pledged
  9. Join us on September 25th for Walk With Us!

    • 109.00% Funded
    • $2,180.00 Pledged
  10. Join us in supporting the MDSS and walking with the Awesome AJ!

    • 370.00% Funded
    • $1,850.00 Pledged
  11. “Don’t tell someone they can’t, tell someone they can…and they will!” Join us, the Macfadden family, support Kara and all people with Trisomy 21. We are raising money for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society and awareness for people living with Down Syndrome with a day of outdoor fun. Come “walk with us” and donate if you are able! Much love – The Macfadden’s.

    • 34.30% Funded
    • $1,715.00 Pledged
  12. Team Ana’s Bananas is back together with the rest of our MDSS family!!

    • 74.75% Funded
    • $1,495.00 Pledged
  13. The Jones’ are walking to raise money for Manitoba Down’s syndrome society and raise awareness for Down’s syndrome.

    • 293.00% Funded
    • $1,465.00 Pledged
  14. Caybree is excited for the Walk to be returning this year!

  15. Walking for our amazing 7 year old Bash!

    • 129.00% Funded
    • $1,290.00 Pledged
  16. It’s that time of year again! Please join us Sept 25 for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society , Walk With Me.

    • 110.00% Funded
    • $1,100.00 Pledged
  17. Our first year walking and we are excited. We can’t wait to get out and enjoy the day and the great cause

    • 205.00% Funded
    • $1,025.00 Pledged
  18. Come walk with a little extra pep in your step as you join Kushi to raise awareness of down syndrome. Our happy little girl loves walking to her own beat here’s your chance to join in.

    • 200.00% Funded
    • $1,000.00 Pledged
  19. Rock along with Ryan!

  20. Join us to walk together in support of Ellie and MDSS

    • 407.50% Funded
    • $815.00 Pledged
  21. Walking in support of our amazing Noah!

    • 140.00% Funded
    • $700.00 Pledged
  22. Celebrating with friends and family! We are walking to raise awareness for our community whose lives include Down syndrome. Walk with us… and learn with us! Walk with us… and talk with us. Walk with us… and laugh with us. Walk with us… and LOVE with us!!!!

  23. Walk with Us Team Little G!

    • 47.00% Funded
    • $470.00 Pledged

    By Karen

  24. Our annual MDSS Walk With Us Fundraiser is on this Year and it’s back to being live and In person help me support team jackson beats and others like him September 25!! Be there!!!!

    • 45.00% Funded
    • $450.00 Pledged
  25. We are raising money for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society. Thank you to everyone for your continued support?

  26. Gina, her family and friends are ready to pick up the pace to help support MDSS with all of their awesome programs they offer.

    • 67.00% Funded
    • $335.00 Pledged
  27. Join us in raising awareness and funds for Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!

    • 50.00% Funded
    • $250.00 Pledged
  28. Dust off your down with Felix shirts and help us raise money for this great organization.

    • 24.50% Funded
    • $245.00 Pledged
  29. Come walk with us or donate what you can in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!!

    • 22.50% Funded
    • $225.00 Pledged
  30. Come join Koen and family in support of MDSS on September 25th.

  31. My team, Stacey’s Social Butterflies, accurately describes my need to be around people – my friends… and all those potential friends I haven’t met yet! All are welcome to join my team as we walk to support the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society, Sunday, September 25.

    • 35.00% Funded
    • $175.00 Pledged
  32. We are walking and “rocking” to raise funds for Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!

  33. Raising funds to support a great cause!

    • 26.67% Funded
    • $80.00 Pledged
  34. Successful

    Lalisee is a vibrant, loving, sweetest girl that touches everyone’s heart ❤️ Come walk with Lalisee to fundraise ?for Down syndrome society ?

    • 100.00% Funded
    • $50.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended
  35. Join us and walk and raise funds for our homies with extra chromies

  36. For our precious little monkey!

    • 0.00% Funded
    • $0.00 Pledged
  37. Join us in support of a great cause!!