Walk With Us on September 24, 2017

in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society

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2017 Walk With Us in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society
  • 125.82% Funded
  • $62,909.00 Pledged
Its that time of year again! Come on out and show your support for Team TN'T!!!
Its time for team Ana's Bananas to get out their shirts and start walking in support of MDSS Walk With Us fundraising event. We hope to see you September 24! 🙂
  • 268.00% Funded
  • $2,680.00 Pledged
Team Baby Mac Luke (Forbes) and I will welcome baby girl Macfadden on or before November 1, 2017 and she will be born with Trisomy 21 aka Down Syndrome.
  • 171.00% Funded
  • $2,565.00 Pledged
Join us in Logan's first walk to raise money for MDSS!
Family and friends, please join us in supporting the 2017 Walk With Us fundraising event!
  • 144.00% Funded
  • $2,160.00 Pledged
Hailey is fundraising up a storm for the 2017 Walk With Us in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!
  • 136.67% Funded
  • $2,050.00 Pledged
Come out and walk with Coop for this tremendous cause!
  • 194.50% Funded
  • $1,945.00 Pledged
Hey Friends and Family! Come join us again this year in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society and TEAM EMALYN!!!
  • 174.50% Funded
  • $1,745.00 Pledged
Join team Down with Felix on September 24th as we walk to raise funds for all our friends Rockin an extra chromosome.
  • 133.50% Funded
  • $1,335.00 Pledged
Join our family as we walk in support of Autumn and all of our friends with Down syndrome!
  • 130.00% Funded
  • $1,300.00 Pledged
Team Little G is ready for action! Calling all walkers! Grant would love for you to come out and join our team.
  • 40.17% Funded
  • $1,205.00 Pledged
Come and walk with Caleb's Clan!
  • 223.00% Funded
  • $1,115.00 Pledged
Family and friends ! Come join Daxton on his first walk in support of the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society!
  • 208.00% Funded
  • $1,040.00 Pledged
I LOVE Walk With Us! Rock On with my team on September 24th. And if you can help me raise funds for MDSS that would be Rockin' Awesome!
  • 102.60% Funded
  • $1,026.00 Pledged
Join Team Aubrey for The Manitoba Down Syndrome Society Walk 2017!!
  • 173.00% Funded
  • $865.00 Pledged
Raising awareness for people living with Down syndrome and making the world a better place one walk at a time!
  • 78.00% Funded
  • $780.00 Pledged
It's that time again. Please join Bensons Brigade and don't forget to wear your gear (tie die or bright colourful colours) can't wait too see you out there!!
  • 125.00% Funded
  • $625.00 Pledged
Cool Courtney Brookes is ready to do the 2017 Walk With Us for MDSS! Join the fun!
Join Team Reya Sunshine in support of our daughter, Mireya☀️🌸
Hello, please join in with us in support of the MDSS walk with us fundraiser!!!
Please help Join our family as we walk in support of Jackson and all of our friends with Down syndrome!
  • 66.00% Funded
  • $330.00 Pledged
Hello Beautiful Family & Friends! Please join Team Princess AURORA in our one and only major fundraising event a year for MDSS. Come as a Pretty Princess or your favourite Super Hero!!! Awwww...come on...Walk With Us...you'll be doing TWO things that are good for your heart.
  • 55.00% Funded
  • $275.00 Pledged
We are walking in support of Ariel Aho and all other individuals living with Downs Syndrome in support of the contributions they make in our communities and to our hearts!
  • 50.00% Funded
  • $250.00 Pledged
Rick Yaschuk's Team is set to pace this 2017 "Walk with Us" Fundraiser and Awareness Campaign for the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society this September 24th at the CMU Campus grounds!
  • 50.00% Funded
  • $250.00 Pledged
On September 24th, Brady and a few members of his family will be walking and raising funds for Manitoba Down Syndrome Society. Please help us support this great cause!
Small family / great friends / love MDSS
  • 22.22% Funded
  • $200.00 Pledged
This is Gina's first time getting a gang together to walk with her. She is so excited and grateful!
  • 24.00% Funded
  • $180.00 Pledged
Please join Seanna for the annual Walk With Us fundraising event on September 24th!
My team, Stacey’s Social Butterflies, accurately describes my need to be around people – my friends and all those potential friends I haven’t met yet! All are welcome to join my team as we walk to support the Manitoba Down Syndrome Society, Sunday, September 24 at CMU North Campus.
  • 20.00% Funded
  • $100.00 Pledged
Supergirl is coming back again from NW Ontario for her 7th walk!
  • 9.00% Funded
  • $45.00 Pledged
Nicolas wants to share his smile with the world and give back to the generous team at MDSS that help support the families in our community. It's easy! Just click and donate!!
It's that time of year again!! September 24 come and Walk With Us!!
We are here to have fun, walk and raise awareness for Down Syndrome! Yay Krissy
  • 0.00% Funded
  • $0.00 Pledged